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The Glide ‘n Go flip-down power lift seat enables you to enter and exit your SUV by lifting you from your wheelchair up to your vehicle seat. With a minimum of invasive adaptation, you can drive or ride in the 4x4 you love.


The Easy-Reach lift seat allows your SUV’s original seat to swivel out of the vehicle and lower to wheelchair height. You transfer from the chair to the vehicle seat, press a button and the Easy-Reach lifts you up into the vehicle.



The versatile Multi-Lift lifts anybody — with any level of disability from minor to severe — into any SUV/4x4. The same portable Multi-Lift can also be used with bathroom or bedroom mounts or the Easy-Base traveling lift base. Forget that jumble of lifting equipment. One lift does it all!


The Mini-Touch steering-wheel-mounted control pad puts vehicle secondary functions at your fingertips. Available in many formats to suit your needs, including flat buttons and toggles. Can be mounted in several positions for ease of use.