Mini-Touch 6 or 12 Function Vehicle Control Pad

The Mini-Touch is a compact, steering wheel mounted control pad that allows easy access to 6 or 12 vehicle controls such as wipers, turn signals, horn and high/low beams.  All functions are easily accessible without compromising steering wheel controls, and the unit can be mounted in several locations according to your needs. You can reach everything without taking your hand off the wheel!

  • Original controls remain fully functional for non-disabled drivers
  • Ergonomically designed so that switches are easy to use 
  • Can include a steering knob 
  • Available with flat-button or toggle switches to suit your needs
  • Easily transferable to most makes and models of vehicle
  • Can be configured for foot-control use

All Access Unlimited mobility equipment qualifies for financial assistance under the terms of the Daimler Chrysler, Ford, GM, Lexus, Saturn, Toyota and Volkswagen mobility programs.